• Prestige Middle East

    A company which specialize in providing the highest quality consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, computers, games, accessories and more.

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  • Presitge Construction

    Established in UK in 1990 and branched out in the UAE 5 years ago, the company is working on various projects in UAE which specializes in Swimming Pools and Landscaping services.

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  • Printing Middle East

    Printing Middle East is a creative agency which provides high quality printing at a very affordable prices. Services includes: Web Design, Graphic Design, Brandings, Illustrations, Brochures and more.

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  • Excellence Limousine

    The largest Exotic Limousine™ provider in Dubai. Our unmatched level of luxury vehicles and our superior service is what sets us apart.

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  • X35 Energy LTD.

    X35® Energy Drink Body Fuel. Fuel for Mind, Body & Soul. Taurine Free Energy Drink with Extracts of Black Seeds.

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  • Insomniya Energy Shot

    Specially formulated for busy people Who needs to be fully alert and focus to go that extra mile.

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  • The Kebab Shop

    Located in Discovery Gardens - Dubai, The Kebab Shop was patterned from modern kebab shops in Europe specifically in UK.

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  • Najmat Lahore

    Najmat Lahore offers a variety of outstanding, mouth watering, authentic Pakistani dishes for dine-in and takeaway.

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Who We Are

Built on solid foundations of experience, Prestige Group is a key player in the market with over 15 years of experience. We are dedicated to our customers and follow a strict work conduct that incorporates our core values.
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